Cable accessories

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Cold Shrink Termination

◎ Excellent performance in anti-flouring, ageing
resistance, hydrophobicity,hydrophobicity transference and cold resistance.
◎ Applying to high-altitude area, cold area, humid area,salt mist area and seriously polluted area.

◎ RoHS compliant
Cable Accessories / GCSIT/GCSOT
Cable Accessories / GCSSJ GCSSJ
Cold Shrink Joint

◎ Applying to cold area, humid area, salt mist area and seriously polluted area.
◎ Special outer sheaths are available on request, such as heat shrink tubing, cast resin, armoring tape, etc.
◎ RoHS compliant
Cable Accessories / GCSSJ
Cable Accessories / GSFC/GSRC GSFC/GSRC
Screen Separable Cable Connector

◎ The integrated LSR geometric stress cone provides high performances for Screened Connector, such as rugged structure, well-elasticity and reliable longterm operation.
◎ Without using any auxiliary tools, the Screened Connector can be installed vertically or horizontally, even under any angle.
◎ The Screened Connector has a compact design which is suitable for installations in narrow spaces.
◎ RoHS compliant
Cable Accessories / GSFC/GSRC
Mastic tape
SCM: Yellow ATM: Red BSM: Black

SCM: Stress control mastic
◎ Stress relief
◎ Void filling
◎ Oil resistance
◎ High permittivity
ATM: Anti-tracking mastic
◎ Anti-tracking
◎ Void filling
◎ Excellent electrical properties
◎ Waterproof
BSM: Black sealing mastic
◎ SUV resistance
◎ Self amalgamating
◎ Watertight seal
◎ Excellent electrical properties
Components / SCM/ATM/BSM
Components / GCFS GCFS
Constant Force Spring

◎ Easily applied by rolling onto the sheath connections
◎ Exert a constant pressure whereupon
◎ Nonmagnetic
◎ Same spec. and performance to Raychem’s EPPA-034 series
Components / GCFS
Components / GEB GEB
Electrical grounding braid

◎ woven grounding braid in a flat, cable -like form.
◎ For grounding high-voltage joints, terminations, cables or other Cable accessories, to provide a fault current path across shielded cable joints.
Components / GEB
Components / GCM GCM
Copper Mesh

◎ GCM is used in conjunction with medium and high voltage ground braids to provide shield continuity when splicing shielded power cables.
◎ It works with GCFS to ensure the correct screen connection across the joint area and make
◎ electrical contact with the outer screen of the joint.
Components / GCM
Components / G-tapeWIT G-Tape WIT(PVC)
Waterproof Insulation Tape (PVC)

Double layer, it's rubber based insulating compounds laminated to a flexible, all weather grade
vinyl(PVC) backing.
◎ Easily installed to provide maximum protection.
◎ Compatible with all common solid dielectric cable insulation.
◎ Working temperature: -55℃ to 105℃
Components / G-tapeWIT