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Waterproof Insulation Tape (PVC)

Double layer, it's rubber based insulating compounds laminated to a flexible, all weather grade
vinyl(PVC) backing.
◎ Easily installed to provide maximum protection.
◎ Compatible with all common solid dielectric cable insulation.
◎ Working temperature: -55℃ to 105℃
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Typical technical performancesPropertyTesting MethodTypcial Data
Tensile strengthASTM D 2671≥ 3.5MPa
Elongation at breakASTM D 2671200%
Dielectric strengthIEC 243≥ 18kV/mm

Dielectric constant

IEC 2502-3
Volume resistanceIEC 93≥ 1.0 x 1014 Ω•cm
Adhesive and self-amalgamation-GOOD
Oxygen resistance-PASS
Heat shock (105℃ )-PASS
DimensionsPart. NoWidth/mmLength/mmThickness/mmStardard Packing
WIC(PVC)40600000.8050 reels/carton
Special width and length are available upon request