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Heat Shrink Wrap-around Sleeve / GWCS

Heat Shrink Wraparounds Composite Sleeves

◎ made from composite materials: PE with fibers integrated and aluminum layer laminated inner
◎ suitable for repair of all types of non- pressurized cable: aerial, buried or ducted, non-filled or jelly filled with polyethylene or metal jackets.
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Selection tableSize(mm)As supplied(mm)After recovered (mm)Standard Length
D*= Diameter as supplied
d* = Diameter after recovered
W*= Thickness of sleeve as supplied
w*= Thickness of sleeve after fully recovered
Key technical performancesPropertiesTest Condition and MethodRequirement
Bursting StrengthTest Temp: 23 ±5℃Min 2500N
Thermal Ageing168 hrs at 150℃ ±2℃Min 2700N
Bursting strength(After free shrinkage)
Dielectric strengthElectrode Surface Dia: 6mm
Wight: 50±2gms
Voltage steps: 2kV/20sec
Min 12kV/mm
Split ResistanceTemp: 200±2℃No split
Test time 23±3℃Propagation
Carbon ContentHeating rate: 20℃ /minMin 2.5%
UV Res of Out/layerGas flow rate: 300cc/min
Cold Crack ResistanceTest temp ≤ -40℃No crack
Resistance to aggressive
Test media: Fuel oil,
petroleum jelly
Min 2000N
Bursting StrengthTest temp: 70±2℃
Environmental10% Igepal Co 630No cracking
Stress crackingsolution immersion
Time 30 days
Test Temp: 50±3℃
Temp. indicatingScraped off paint from sleeve230-250℃
paint conversion
Properties of adhesive  
ItemTest method and conditionsRequirements
Peel Strength-PE at 23±2° C
-PE at 23±2° C
-Pb at 23±2° C
Min 100N/25mm
Shear StrengthAt 23±2°Min 200N
Corrosive EffectCopper Mirror test
Test time:16hrs
Test temp:60±2°C
No effect
ordering informationColorStandardBlack
Standard packagingIn 1.2-meter [4-foot] lengths
Ordering descriptionSpecify product name, size and Color (for example, GWCS 125/30 Black)
* Thermal paint dots and other cutting length are available on request.