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Insulating end cap

◎ Shrink ratio :3:1
◎ RoHS compliant
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Typical technical performancesTest ItemsTest MethodTest Requirements
Tensile strengthASTM D 267112MPa minimum
Ultimate elongationASTM D 2671200% minimum
Volume resistivityIEC 931014Ω cm min.
Dielectric strengthIEC 6024312kV/mm(1.0mm) min.
Water absorptionISO 620.5% max.
Heat shock at 225℃ /4hrsASTM D 2671No cracking, dropping
DensityASTM D 7921.0~1.1g/cm3
DimensionsSize(mm)As supplied(mm)After recovered(mm)
GEC 12/43812154402.6
GEC 14/54514185422.2
GEC 20/66520256552.5
GEC 25/8.57525308.5652.5
GEC 35/1692353516833.3
GEC 40/1595404015753.3
GEC 55/261145550261053.5
GEC 75/361327555361154.2
GEC 100/5215310070521305.0
GEC 120/6015512070601505.0
GEC 145/6016014570601505.0
GEC 160/8216016070821334.5
GEC 200/9017020070901454.5
L* = Length of end cap as supplied
D* = Inner diameter as supplied
A* = Length of adhesive after fully recovered
d* = Inner diameter after fully recovered
l* = Length of end cap after fully recovered
ordering informationColorStandardBlack
Ordering descriptionSpecify product name, size and Color (for example, GEC 12/4 Black)